Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gunsite to use my work

I did some mock up work for Gunsite recently and they decided they want to use it for their newsletter.  Honestly, if I had my way, I would redesign the whole thing, but I think we are just lucky to see them on the web.
Pretty simple stuff, however, that's how they like it in Arizona

What I did was take the logo image of the raven and realizing that they aren't much on flash bang or anyone really messing with that design, I kept it to a minimum.  Only thing needed to happen was fly the Gunsite raven over the (very minimal) sky of Arizona (digitally).

Heller Foundation website comes to fruition

So, I started work on the site about four days ago.  Dick Heller and his crew have been happy so far with the progress.  Very grateful to have gotten the design up and running.  While I did start out with a template, the design part is my own work along with the photography of Oleg Volk.  The content and what the site represents belong to the fearless duo, Dick and Dane.

You can check out the website here:

I'll keep you posted as we get the website into production.

Monday, January 31, 2011

On board with the Heller Foundation

Rich Heller
Wow, I've just been asked to help head up the Internet and Communications side of the Heller Foundation by Rich Heller himself and the fine folks on his staff.  (That's techlanese for the old phrase 'webmaster' btw.)  Mr. Heller has been instrumental in over turning the DC Gun Ban and taking the fight for the Second Amendment all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court (Heller Vs. DC).

That stated, keep an eye out for their new website coming up in a week or so. Here is their stated mission:

"The Heller Foundation is a  Second Amendment  advocacy non-profit challenging infringements of  our  Constitutional Rights  to  "keep and bear arms"  and  promoting youth  education & firearms safety programs."

Their website address is

The Heller Charter Arms .44 Special Bulldog
In recognition of the June, 2008 U.S. Supreme Court victory, Charter Arms commissioned the Heller Version of their famous Bulldog .44 Special.  This particular firearm was the recommended newbie CCW weapon of the now late Mike Harries of Gunsite - so it is only fitting that this fine revolver was picked for such an honor.

As Obama capitalizes on the tragedy in Tuscon and makes this horrible event an excuse for another gun grab, please consider supporting the Heller Foundation in the fight to keep the Second Amendment a right that all Americans for generation will enjoy, protect and cherish.