Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gun Walker II - The 80% Edition?

If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

- Sun Tzu, the Art of War

What I'm about to share is partially conjecture, but a Class III FFL buddy of mine said I needed to get this out there and also thanks to David Codrea for asking me to write this down;

My research on this topic began on March 8th of this year. 

I am concerned that the issue with the 'Ghost Gun' press conference was a foreshadowing of a larger, more diabolical maneuver by those within the current US administration.

Their goals, ever since the founding of the failed League of Nations, have been to attack the basic human rights of self defense and the ability for an individual to bear arms. [ref]

These powers-that-be took a big hit when it was revealed that the command structure within the ATF had allowed guns to 'walk into Mexico'.  Their hand had been played - the world was well aware of their plan and the American arms owner was on high alert.

Still, this has never stopped them;

When the infamous "Ghost Gun" issue came up a few weeks ago, it was at best laughable.  [ref]

So, another ill advised California politician gets alot of gun terminology wrong during a press conference.  People make fun of him, life goes on.   California and the other infiltrated states are not short on people who have no idea what a firearm actually does, much less how to properly name each part.

However, I'm starting to become concerned that the joke may be on the arms community.

What people failed to realize, despite the model, this press conference was a direct attack on Americans having access to gun parts - especially gun parts that can't be 'tracked'.

The situation with Ares Armor and other raids on 80% lower providers may be linked to a bigger operation - if the evidence from the current Ares Armor warrant is correct.  For example & from several sources; a machinist who may have been involved with one of build classes (outside of Ares Armor) is also a Mexican-American felon.   (As of this date, from my understanding - he is not actually an American and is allegedly aligned with Mexican Marxists and the drug cartels). [ref] [ref]

If this is true, then there is a high possibility that the 'ghost gun' ruse is a set up - and one with deep, well placed tendrils ...

While I am not totally convinced that Ares Armor is fully free from all allegations of misconduct, I know certainly that the ATF went about this completely wrong.  Still, all of these weird, little facts are starting to build an uglier and more macabre picture.

The question is why is the ATF making such a big, public issue out of Ares Armor and other raids?

To begin to understand my theory, one must be aware of some additional factors.

There are several issues at play when it comes to the forces aligned against America's right to bear arms [but not limited to]: 

  1. Compliance with the international small arms treaty that was illegally signed by Kerry with the United Nations. [ref]
  2. The current administration's "war on guns", gun owners and the human right of self defense. [ref]
  3. A need for the administration to salvage it's image and prove itself right after the Gun-walking scandal. [ref]

Unfortunately for the Administration, during Gunwalker and the Fast and Furious revelations, nearly all the guns were serialized and could be traced back to the ATF when the problems in Mexico arose.  With NICS, they are actively involved and responsible in some way for approving the movement, sale and release of any firearm held by a licensed dealer.   The American 'gun control system' works so well, it was nearly impossible for them to set up any truly large firearms transactions without some sort of paper trail from the manufatuer, to the dealer and then the owner.

In short, approval to buy a gun rests solely on the government and it's NICS system.  That NICS system is fully administered by the BATFE itself.  When it comes to receiving the 'completed firearm' and getting permission from the ATF, the FFL (a federally licensed firearms dealer) has no idea about what to do other than approve, decline or wait on the gun sale to go through.

Stated, the US government already has a fair bit of control over who buys and receives firearms.

And they are completely culpable if they let a few some how 'go'. 

This was the issue that came up during Fast and Furious - so in the end, it was very hard to blame the issue on the actions of a few 'border FFLs'. [ref]

What the Administration does not want people to know is that gun sales are very well documented, something that has come back now to bite them in the ass.

However, 80% lowers don't have these issues.  They aren't serialized.  They can't be traced back to some black budget  program to prove that the gun banners and their highly placed allies within the US government are actually at work and spinning their web. 

In truth, the murky laws surrounding the 80% market are a blessing in disguise  - especially when it comes to rescuing the administration from the bad press and failed attempts of the first Gunwalker scandal.

My belief - and it's just a belief - that what is going to go down is this:

Completed, now former 80% AR-15, AR-10 and/or 1911 lowers, are going to somehow "mysteriously" make it across the border to Mexico.  People who have been buying these lowers will be connected, through paperwork, to these illicit, 'international arm sales' that suddenly show up in some 'Mexican massacre'.   The president of Mexico will make a big international stink over it and 'force' the US to 'act'.   "These are your guns ..." they'll say, "they come from your loose gun laws and sold to us by your citizens - you must act!"

But how would they know this?  The process for following the trail is very simple.  Ironically & conveniently,  these shops that are offering classes (and tools) on how to finish lowers will be to blame.  Being that many of these outfits are in California, almost all of them keep records on who attends their classes.   

In regards to the blank, several 80% lower providers also keep records for tax purposes.  Now that the ATF is currently trying to insert itself directly into the practices of these 'build-it yerself' shops, many will turn over anything they have to get the jack-boots off their proverbial rears.

But then you have the issue of tracing it back to the manufacturers, well;

Given that many of the 80% lowers are branded to the issuing outfit, it wouldn't be too hard for them to knock down the dominoes in short order and show that 'completed' American guns were being sold to Mexico.   This time, not by the hand of either the Administration or by permission from Holder's DOJ/ATF, they'll lay the blame purely at the feet of the arms business and swiftly denounce anyone they deem fit to demonize.
Ergo, the Administration can 'prove' it was "right all along and that 'illegal American guns' are making it into Mexico".

In my mind, this is all a big set up for the 'see I told you so' moment they may have been waiting on ...

What they'll do after that is even more predictable;   Lobby to have all gun parts registered and tracked, push for more restrictions and etc.

At this point, they've realized that in order to affect a complete gun ban; they need to restrict/stop the fair trade of any gun part and all ammunition.

The best place for that to start is to show how American gun parts - the 'unregulated sector' - are winding up in foreign countries killing (yet again), small children.
Since they came up with Fast & Furious, I wouldn't put it past these people to go that far - they've played the long game before and nearly won.

What we've just explored is a theory - at this point, I am not certain that this is the current game at play.

But, as self defense advocates, we need to keep our eyes open.

And remember, they never, ever, let a 'good crisis go to waste'. [ref]

Let me know what you think.